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Re: Round 3 - Day 120

Round 3 - Day 120

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  • I feel like writing these vows always come so easy to me. It is easy to pour my love out to my husband, especially now that my love for my husband comes from the Lord. Each round I believe that my vows get better and better. How so? well last night I looked over my vows from round 2. My first sentence in my vows was, " I vow to give you my life." Ummm.... wrong. I give God my life. This time my first sentence was, "I vow to give you my love for life." I can see the transformation in me. I can see where God is always at the forefront of my mind and making sure that I am keeping him first in everything that I do and say. Even above my spouse. I'm not sure if I am completely there yet, you know, the time when God finally comes before your spouse at all times, in everything you do, but I can see when I'm not putting God first, and the coolest thing is that God reminds me when I slip up. I believe that first step is recognizing, now I must do!

  • And the desires of your heart will be blessed!

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