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Re: Rd 2 Day 40

Rd 2 Day 40

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  • Even though my wife is making plans to end our marriage and move, I've chosen to continue to love her. I wrote out our vows last night, and then wrote to her reconfirming my commitment to her, our marriage, and our family.

    The second time though the dares has been easier than the first. I'm at peace knowing I'm building my relationship with Christ, continuing to love my wife, my children, and our family. I'm cautiously optimistic our marriage can be saved, but not as much as I was during the first time through the dares.

    I will continue on to Round 3, build my personal relationship with God, and love my wife unconditionally. I'm in it to win it and will never give up on the covenant we made through Christ.


  • Always remember loving Christ first allows you to love her better.

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