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dare 40

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  • funny how the vows keep changing each time through these dares... changing but definately improving :)

    I know I have mentioned time & time again how hard it is for me to deal with my parents when it comes to discussing our marriage... but today was different.  I stopped by my parents house with the kids for a few hours & my dad started with the questioning.  At first I felt myself tense up, but then I just let all these lessons I've been learning do their thing!  Overall, my dad was very understanding & he just wanted some answers... but as we talked he realized how impossible it was for even me to have any answers about the questions he had.  Mostly he wanted to talk about my husband & why/ how come/ what if, etc.  So it was very repetitious, but I didn't flip out or get stressed about any of it! BIG acheivement for me!  I know my parents are concerned... but the more I answered their questions to the best of my ability, the more they seemed to get that I don't have answers & the more they seemed to back off.  At one point my dad asked what if my husband had to leave where he was living currently... I told him he has 3 options, go find a new place, go back to his moms or come home.  That seemed to satisfy their curiosities :)  I made it known to them that I have no intention on leaving this marriage & they didn't push it :)

    I feel like a big battle has been conquered here.  Where as usually I go to their house to let the kids hang out with them, I was there today & acctually enjoyed spending time with them.  I felt like they were starting to understand a bit... It was so nice!

    Onto round 4 of the dares starting tomorrow...

  • And remember, you are a testimony of what Christ has done in you. So share that testimony even with people that are not having trouble in their marriages.

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