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dare 40/round 2

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  • This one was hard.  I couldn't settle my mind for almost all day becasue of people's constant questions about what is happening.  It was rough.  I finally sat down at 12:30 am and the writing just flowed.  I felt like it should have been harder for me considering the developements that have taken palce here lately.  I felt like with him leaving I shouldn't have been able to write vows promising to love him for my whole life & all of eternity.  But the truth is, I love him.  And it's that unconditional love that was pouring out of me into the vows.  He is leaving and I love him still.

    I continue to pray that God watch over him and love him.  And that in all things it may be God's will that is done & not ours.  In some ways the way my husband talks and the things he is planning for, make it seem so permanent and final.  But I still continue to believe that all things are possible with God and that He isn't late.  I trust that this is a part of His plan.  I trust that in one way or another, things will work out... I just trust in Him & know that He will never give me more than I can handle. 

  • When it comes to "unconditional" there are many things to understand. Even if it was over completely, and you still loving him, that would be unconditional.... Remember, even though he is not living in your "conditions" you still love him... However, that would show that his love is not unconditional....

    Move on each day knowing that you are pleasing in Gods eyes for that unconditional love. And know that the happiness you so desire is coming with unlimited blessings.

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