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Praying for my wife's love

Praying for my wife's love

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  • Everyday doing these dares, has not been too hard. I know that my wife loves me, and my marriage is not failing because of us not having been in love. But, rather my unfaithfulness, and hiding the truth from her. I was extremely weak, had allowed fears to consume my soul, and ultimately let my insecurities control me. What I need to do is allow Christ back into my heart. To take root, grow, blossom, and ultimately take over. Today when my wife answers, I hope that I can do something in service for her with as much love and conviction to Christ as possible. Please pray for me everyone. Everyday has been very rough on me, in the sense that I cannot forgive myself. I awake fearing why God has allowed me to be blessed, when I don't feel worthy of any Love. I have failed so much, and I want to fix myself. My marriage is dependent on my being right for God, my Wife, and Sons. Allow me to be good today God.

  • As you continue to do the dares, they will mold you in all areas you are concerned about. Right now, be patient not only with her but with God's work and changes in you that will come.

    If you haven't, confess to Christ what you did, all of your sins, and make it a sincere confession.  Then ask for forgiveness and strength to avoid temptation and sin, and then accept the forgiveness He offers you. Accept, appreciate, and thank Him for the gift of forgiveness.  If you don't, dying on the cross was done in vain.  

    Not accepting or believing He forgave you is you putting your own worries or fears above  the gift of God.  

    When you ask for forgiveness, God takes those sins, and makes them never to be seen again, like taking a drop of water and letting it fall in the middle of the ocean, never to be seen again.

    Evil give you fear, worry, and questioning if you are forgiven.  God gives peace, comfort, forgiveness and always a new start.

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