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Day 4

Day 4

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  • Today I did my day 4 dare. I feel like it was mix reaction. Well, she didn’t eat the breakfast I made. Maybe she was in a hurry for work. She did bring the lunch I made for her. I also made tea for her coz she doesn’t drink coffee. I called later on at lunch time and asked about the tea. She complained it was bitter. All I cared was she answered anyway. She usually dont answer my text. Everyday since I started the dare I give her notes along with the gift, lunch or whatever. Am I doing too much? She did ask for space when she told me about her feelings towards me. Should I continue giving notes everyday?

  • I think I have mentioned, a dare a day, no  more, no less, otherwise you would be in her space and push her further away.  And I think I mentioned stop the extra texting that you have been doing.  

    Why call her to ask about the tea?  It  was to get a reaction from her.  As mentioned, do not look for reactions from her.  

    Yes, you are doing to much.

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