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Day 4 and need advice

Day 4 and need advice

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  • I'm having a hard time relying on God. How do I not focus so much on my marriage and husband and more so on God? 

    Today, I got a few candies and hair pomade for my husband.  He has a sweet tooth :) 


  • WElcome to this community.  Realize this will be a journey between you and Christ, not you and him.  He will be used as a tool to mold you.  Do a dare a day no more no less.  Do the dares as intended without manipulating them.  Do not read ahead in the book except the appendix, especially about leading the heart.  Do not look for reactions from him and have no expections of him when you do the dares.Keep in mind it may get worse before it gets better.  But this serves purpose.

    You mentioned something that you need to work on.  Putting God above your husband, way above, not loving him less.  If you have your marriage or husband ahead of God you are turning him into an idol.  

    Try journaling in the Love Dare Journal section, under the Community tab.  MOre people read that section and you may get others thoughts.  Perhaps even copy and paste what you typed out in that section.  And if you do type on that section, keep in mind you may be timed out before you are done.  So, I would suggest copying and pasting from a word document to this site.  

  • Ok.  Thank you! I'm still trying to learn how to work this website.

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