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  • So my boyfriend ended things last week saying that he was unhappy and had been unhappy for the past few weeks. I thought that all hope was lost and was ready to for the hurt/ healing to begin. Then a couple days later we met up and it was just weird. His words said he was done, but his actions said another. He continued hugging and laughing and kidding around and so on and so forthI did not consider the love dare until someone had mentioned it to me. I know this is to be used in the context of marriage however, marriage is something that he had mentioned several times up until the break up. So I decided to give this whole deal a shot. Days 1 and 2 I got no response from him which was okay. Yesterday he was leaving for a trip that he has had planned for work for quite some time. Since we dont currently live together I just got some of his favorite snacks and set them on his porch and then messaged him to check it before he left. He had replied saying that he was already in another town. He then continued to say that he didnt want to continue this, he didnt want to date, that he was trying to get over me, and to stop talking to him that he needed time and space to move on.

    With that being said todays dare of asking him how his day is going scares me alot. I dont want to be intrusive and over step lines and make him mad by doing so. Or for trying to communicate to come off as selfish instead of selfless since he said to stop and give him time and space. Is  this something I should continue with or just let go??


  • Look at this as a journey between you and Christ not you and him.  He will be used as a tool to mold you.  Have no expectations from doing the dares.   Do a dare a day no more no less.  This will give him the space he wants.  There are a dare or two that are only intended for married couples do something different for those dares.

    Things may get worse before better.  Try journaling in the section under the community section.  Under the love dare link.  That area is read where this section usually gets ignored.

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