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Re: Love is Thoughtful.

Love is Thoughtful.

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  • I really liked this dare today. I have to say these dares have been going good these past couple of days and I pray to God they continue to go smooth. I asked what I can do to make his day better, and thankfully, all he needed was some intimacy, which I had already given him before work. I had made his day a lot better. I am a little nervous for tomorrows dare. Although I'm sure it won't be that bad considering I've take new approaches lately, and my patience is REALLY paying off. I still haven't been able to make it to his favorite store yet. I plan to sneak over there before work, buy him something that lets him know I'm thinking of him, and asking him later on about halfway through work what bothers him. Although I have a pretty good idea already. Prayers for tomorrow please. 

  • I would suggest going back to the love dare journal section where you had journaled once before.  You will be read there more often.

    Do a dare a day, no more, no less.  Do the next days dare, and since you missed doing the dare about buying him something, wait till next round to do that dare.  Doing to much will get in his space most often.  

    Maybe i am reading into this incorrectly.  But, if you are talking about sexual intimacy, that should be reserved between married couples.  This is not me judging anyone, not at all.  But we in this community have always been straight forward in saying what we feel is God's will.  

  • I Know iam a little late but I will still pray for u  and I would ask u please pray for me THANKS! Life has struggles but when we have god in our life life always seems easyer

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