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Day 4

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  • I did the 4th day.  It went ok, I guess.  There wasn't much said.  I called her on my lunch break, which I never do unless something is wrong.  She seemed a bit surprised that I was just calling to see how she was doing and if there is anything I could do for her.  She seemed like she wasn't sure how to respond.  I've had the Love Dare for a few years now I've just never gotten into it.  What makes it tougher now is that she has already asked for a divorce so there are times when I get discouraged because I feel like I'm too late or my selfishness has been tearing our marriage apart for so long that it's falling on deaf ears.  However, when I feel like that I grab my Bible and reread Colossians 3.  I must have read that chapter a few dozen times.  Somehow I feel that it speaks to me and gives me just enough peace to understand that it took years to get to this point.  Therefore, it's not going to be an overnight quick fix.  As I grow closer to Christ I pray that she sees the change.  One thing I have to keep telling myself is this isn't just about her.  It's about building my relationship with Christ in myself while developing myself to be the best Christian husband for her that God has called me to be.

  • Welcome.  Try posting in the love dare journal section under the community tab.  That section gets read more often.  You are right.  This is a journey between you and Christ.  Your wife will be used as a tool to mold you.  You will be humbled.  Do a dare a day.  No more  less.  Read in the appendix about leading the heart.  God is never late.

  • Tim, you are spot on! It's your relationship with Christ. Focus on pleasing Him! Your wife may not respond like you want in some cases. That's okay! Let God work in her, just keep doing what your doing! It's never too late!

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