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something special

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  • Sept 25 will be 6 years of marriage. My husband and I dont live together and the girl he is cheating on my with lives with him and is pregnant. I want to get a hotel room and plan something nice for my husband. I been writing him letter since June how I have faith in God and in our marriage but I havent gave them to him.

    What do yall think? 

    I am going to pray about it too

  • Welcome.  Are you doing the Love Dares or have the book?  More people read the section under The Community link, and under that is the Love Dare Journal section.  If you post there more people will see what you have to say.

    Let us know if you are doing the dares.  If you aren't and do not have the book try to get the Love Dare book as soon as possible.  Keep in touch however you can on this site.

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