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R1D4 Love is thoughtful

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  • Yesterday was day 4. It was Saturday which I work and he says home with the kids. I called his a little before noon to ask how is day was going and to see if he needed anything. He said they were fine and that our 2 year old down for a nap. I was afraid to call him because I was afraid he would think it was odd or that I was checking up on him. Later on in the day he called and asked if I wanted to join him, the kids and his folks for dinner at 5pm. I was very surprised. But he wasn't cheerful when he called with the invitation. I agreed to go anyways. A lot of our issues I feel are because his mother and I do not get along. His mother is not nice to myself and purposely tries to push my buttons. His mother controls every aspect of the family she does not speak to her siblings for the most part. She thinks all they care about his the amount of money she has left from her portion when her dad died. She thinks my father in-laws family took advantage of his dad. She has nothing positive to say about her family or my father in-laws family. She talks about how her kids are so perfect and how her own nieces and nephews are losers. She takes pride in knowing when the nieces or nephews are in some sort of trouble. She has a very rocky relationship with my husbands sister because they have marital problems in addition to financial struggles. All my mother in-law talks about is money and how they can't afford anything. But yet she can smoke 3 packs a day. She buys clothes at rummage sales and keeps buying us furniture from rummage sales when my parents own a furniture store and what she paid for the second hand couch at the rummage sale I could have bought from my dad for cost. But my mother in-law actually got along yesterday at dinner. After supper my husband took the kids home and I went to my mother's real quick to fix and issue she was having with her computer. Not long after I got home my husband went fishing, after fishing he went to the bar. I did not stay up and wait for him but he said he got home about 12:30 in the morning. He is out every single night. A week or 2 ago I woke up at 4am and he still wasn't home. I called him and he said he was driving around. I am growing more and more concerned about him being at the bar or driving around. It didn't sound like he was in his pickup it sounded he was at someone's house. This has been going on for 5 or 6 months now. The kids are becoming bothered by it and I just keep praying that things will be okay. But it makes me sad to see my kids go through this.

  • Continue to grow in Christ doing a dare a day.  Seek that you are able to depend solely on Christ and find comfort in Him vs in your husband.   Share Christ's love to your mil espe I ally when she doesn't deserve it.   Pray for Gods will to be done in your husbands life for right now.  Most other prayers will probably be said with selfish reasons....and there is nothing better than having Christ's will done in his or your life.

  • Always trust Christ in your dares. Do them as intended no matter what you think the response will be. There is always humbleness and a Christ teaching even in one that is rejected.

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