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Re: Day 4 - Love is Thoughtful

Day 4 - Love is Thoughtful

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  • Today’s challenge should be fairly easy, as it is something that I do pretty much on an everyday basis. It is hard though, because I remember a time when he used to do the same thing. When we were dating, he would call me every morning like clockwork at 7:00 a.m., and then we would talk every evening right before bed, as well as several times during the day. I feel like I’m still trying to do those things and keep that connection, but that it’s not always appreciated. Still I press forward. He is too much of an important person in my life for me not to speak with on a daily basis. If I don’t talk to him or hear from him at least once a day, I feel like something is missing. Sometimes, I wonder if I just kept a little bit of distance, would he miss talking to me? I guess my biggest fear in this relationship is that when our son leaves the nest in the next couple of years that I’m going to lose Jeff as well. There’ll be nothing tying us together anymore.

    Right now, he’s on his way to Las Vegas for his training. He will be gone for a week, and I don’t want to be a pest. I will complete today’s dare, and see how it goes. Since he’s out of town, and we are taking care of his dog, I think it will be an easy thing enough to ask if there’s anything else he needs taken care of while he’s gone. The kid and I are talking about going in and painting his bathroom like he mentioned off-hand, and I think that while the kid is pulling weeds for dad in the backyard, I might have to give the house a good once over to make sure it’s nice when he gets home on Thursday. Maybe we’ll leave a meal for him in the refrigerator again – this time with a note for him.

  • Left Jeff a message while he was on his way to Vegas. I’m pretty certain he got the message, but there has been no response. I think I’ll try to call him again before we go to bed tonight. I am getting the feeling that I need to back way off, but I’m sure it’s my own insecurity speaking. I’m sure he’s getting settled in at his hotel, and is really tired from his long drive today. Plus, he could be visiting with his sister and/or parents tonight.

  • Not sure by my post isn't here.....  Don't call again.  You completed the dare. No more no less.  Have no expectations

  • Take some time to read the appendix on leading the heart, and realize that this journey is between you and Christ not you and your spouse. He is just a tool for Christ to mold you each day

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