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Day 39 - Letter of Love

Day 39 - Letter of Love

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  • So I had to pray hard for a day before doing the dare as our communication has greatly been reduced lately, and Shelly has move close to him with our children. I completed the dare by emailing her the letter as I was away for work. She didn't receive it well and told me it was too late several times and that she was ready to move on. I asked if we could move on together because a lot of things are different here.She doesn't see it that way, and thinks she isn't doing anything wrong and feels it is justified by things I've done in the past. My daughter texted me about not wanting to be with me and just wanting to stay with her mother. I told our daughter that it's mommy's choice not to stay w/us.

    I got home from work today, and when Shelly brought our children home, things were okay at first. Our daughter started crying hard when she went to leave, and begged to go w her mommy and said she didn't want to stay with dada. Shelly told her that she couldn't stay here w/us and reminded our daughter of their deal.  I don't know what this is. I reminded our daughter that we both love her but that it's mommy's choice not to stay home. My wife justified it by saying she feels like I have outbursts when she comes here. Our daughter's crying hit my a lot and I cried a little bit and came under ridicule from my wife who said that I'm weak. She left in a huff and I asked her how she could do this to our children who just want a happy family.

    I am a little better now and am playing with my son and my daughter is next door at my parents house to see her grammy, I guess to be with a female person. I am a bit lost as what to do at this point except just strengthen my faith and cling to God. I will restart the dares once I finish tomorrow's dare. I could use some words of encouragement or a slap in the face... Thanks

  • Here comes the slap in the face.... Don't tell your daughter that it is her mothers choice. That is a manipulation to her and one that should not even be considered. In those trying times for your daughter, comfort her. And help her. And never at any time put her mother in a negative spot. That is certainly not of Christ.

    In starting the dares over, take the time read the appendix and take time to think through and pray through your dares.

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