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Round 2 - Day 79

Round 2 - Day 79

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  • Letter 2 trashed. After the first time I wrote a letter of commitment to my husband, I was expecting him to come back to this marraige. I wanted to write a letter good enough to change his mind. Ohhh... how far I have come. Looking back on it, my whole letter to him was a manipulation. This time around I just wanted him to know that my love for him is unchanging. That he is the only man on this Earth to complete me, and that I am committed to loving him forever. It was pretty short and to the point. I didn't expect anything. Thats what I got. Letter #2 in the trash. Funny though, he tried to hide it in the trash so I didn't know that he threw it away. That makes me laugh!!! 

  • That is funny. Because he does not realize that since you are walking with Christ that no matter how hard he tries to ignore and fight the convictions around him, he will never be able to get away from them!

  • HAHA! Yep!

  • Had the same experience with my second letter and I too had to laugh at how manipulative my first was.  Sounds like you are trusting god!  And I know thats a much better feeling then living and dying by your spouses reactions.

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