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Re: Day 79 - Love Endures

Day 79 - Love Endures

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  • The morning of this dare started off very slow.  My husband had wrecked his car late the night before, and everyone got to sleep early in the morning.  Even our daughter didn’t get to bed until after midnight because of it.  The house was just unsettled with the not knowing when he would be home. 

    I let our daughter sleep in and miss church.  I was really tired, but pushed myself to get to church.  It was the first time I would be singing in the middle service that we just added the week before.  We had a decent turn out for a new service.  The praise music touched a lot of the congregation.  There were hands raised all over the place!  We did two new songs that I had not rehearsed with the band, but they were ones that I knew, so I got through them just fine.  Overall, a very filling service.

    When I got home, I started making phone calls to the insurance company to finish up the paperwork after the accident, and got the rental car scheduled for my husband.  When I finished, he and our daughter got dressed, and we headed out to get the rental car.  He did thank me for doing all of the phone calls and paperwork regarding the accident.  I let him know that it’s what I’m there for… I am happy to take care of things like that for him. 

    After picking up the rental car, we went to the auto parts store to get parts for the truck, then we went to lunch at a BBQ place.  During lunch, my husband pulled out his phone and started typing.  I didn’t say anything, so he told me that he was sending an email to his boss about the accident.  The lunch was very enjoyable with lots of great conversation and stories… my husband did tell me about one of the dreams that he had the night before.  It was a VERY convicting dream… I could tell that he knew it.  Praise YOU Lord!

    The rest of the afternoon was pretty quiet.  My husband fixed the truck, and I made sure to let him know how hot I thought he looked out there working on the truck in jeans and a T shirt.  He just smirked, but I’m sure he appreciated the comment. 

    My letter to him this time through the dares was much simpler than last time.  His birthday was the following day, so I included his birthday card as part of it.  The card said that “Real love isn’t in the falling.  It’s in the staying, the day to daying, the ups and downs, smiles and frowns.  Real love is every moment we get to spend together.”  I added that “I’m happy to have a reason to celebrate you.  You’re my closest friend and confidante, the one I turn to in a crisis, my parenting partner and the man that I love.”  I signed the card with “Unconditionally Yours”. It was simple and to the point, but I felt happy with it. 


  • Praise God. Simple words for a simple testimony... The most effective

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