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Re: Round 3 - Day 119

Round 3 - Day 119

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  • I thought about my letter all day. I knew that it was going to be pretty short and do the point. I left it in the mailbox for him. I received a not so nice text message from him. He has asked me to stop writing letters, buying gifts, cards, etc. for him about a week ago. So, when he received this letter he was not happy about it. He told me that he didn't read it and that he wouldn't read any other that I left for him so I'm just waisting my time. He once again asked me to stop writing letter, and buying gifts and cards for him. Of course I'm not going to stop. I will do what the Lord asks me to do. It kind of stinks that he didn't read the letter, but the single point of this journey is not him, it's between me and Christ.

  • Dont be so sure he did not read it. It seems that conviction is angering him....

  • I'm not sure that he didn't read it. When I got that message I felt that he really did read it, but he just wanted me to think that he didn't so I would stop the "nice act"

  • I must point somthing out. In the beginning. They all think it is an "act" or a "con". It is very difficult at times, because the more you are molding in Christ, the more they will try to get a "reaction" out of you. This is where your testimony is truly tested.

    In their mind it is not fair you are happy and they are still miserable.

  • Right! You have said this many times on others posts. I keep this in mind. Sometimes I think, man God... why did it take him 3 times though the dares to see that I'm nice. Then I remind myself, it's all in God's timing.

  • It also may be because you were getting in the way from time to time.

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