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Day 39: Love Endures

The Love Dare

Today's Dare

Spend time in personal prayer, then write a letter of commitment and resolve to your spouse.  Include why you are committing to this marriage until death, and that you have purposed to love them no matter what.  Leave it in a place that your mate will find it.

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    So today I'm going to give her the letter I wrote for day 39. I'm also giving her a copy of the dare. I'm not really sure if she'll even...
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    Ok so who put this dare in the book?!? I could have really done without this one in there. I really was going to pass on this one or maybe do it later...
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    She asked me this evening to signed some papers to transfer her car to her sole ownership but I declined saying that’s it’s not the right time...
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    I wrote my resolve to Michael and texted it to him. He said that he really liked it. I was so surprised. I asked Michael on Saturday night to pick one...
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    Day 39: Love Endures

    I have already gone through, blaming myself, releasing my guilt, blaming her for her parts then forgiving and realizing it was both of us. I also went...
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    Day 39 - Loves Endures

    07-14-2010 I wrote my commitment to our marriage out. I wrote why I was committed to our marriage. I told her why I was in love with her. The letter was...
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