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Failing miserably

Failing miserably

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  • I eeked through day 37. We prayed at the dinner table. I'm not ready to ask her to pray on a regular basis. I'm just learning how to do it myself. I was raised catholic and I've gone decades without walking into a church. I went to a non-denominational one yesterday. We had been going together to a methodist one, but that fell by the wayside. Now I'm trying to learn something that has always been foreign to me then teach it to someone who has totally given up. She hates me and the only thing I can do to make her happy is to leave. I am staying at a condo we own, away from her, and my son, and I'm deeply depressed. I had been feeling better yesterday until she packed up the stuff to take with me and then when we sat down to talk, she told me she can't live with me any more. This is after I had spent the whole weekend taking care of our son while she stayed at the condo and had an entire weekend to herself. I have Asperger's and I'm prone to meltdowns which I'm still having it. She is resistant to doing anything to change the situation and invalidates everything I say. Simply changing her approach would work wonders, but she scoffs at the idea. She said that she wants to finish school, get a job making three tiimes as much so she doesn't need me around and to have her parents move to town to replace everything I do for her that she ignores. Am I supposed to pray that she gets that? If anyone does respond, please don't chew me out for breaking the love dare rules; I know I'm doing poorly at it. I'm hurting bad and have nobody to turn to. 

  • You do have people to turn to, us.... But understand we are here to help you find Christ to help in your marriage.

    You may need to start the dare journey again, and if you do, I will be here everyday to help you through it, and if you go to the journal section then there are others their daily as well.

    Private message me and we can go from there.

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