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Day 78 - Love Fulfills Dreams

Day 78 - Love Fulfills Dreams

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  • My husband worked the entire day of this dare.  It fell on a Saturday, and he only rarely has to work on Saturdays.  Usually, it’s only about 2 hours. 

    I made plans to spend the day with my in laws, doing some shopping and just spending time together.  We assumed that my husband would be home at some time during the day.  He messaged me after noon and said that things had gone badly at work and it would take at least 10 hours to fix.  We had a really bad storm that afternoon, so I messaged him to let him know that we were hanging out in the basement.  We occasionally have tornadoes, and one was seen north of where we live.  I don’t always take those warnings seriously, so I thought he’d like to know.  By 7pm, I still had not heard anything else from him.  I asked for some update on work.  In the meantime, the whole family went to dinner and went to a new department store.  I took his sister and her daughter home.  When we got home, it was after our daughter’s bedtime, so she went straight to bed.

    An hour later, she came back downstairs saying she couldn’t sleep.  She never has to go to bed without saying good night to both of us.  She wanted to stay with me until he got home.  I still did not even know when that would be.  At 10, he finally sent a message that he was getting ready to leave.  At 11:15, he finally called… he had just driven his car into a ditch right outside the base gates.  I didn’t ask questions… just got my father in law to watch my daughter, got my husband a soda, and went to find him.  We took care of the car, got it towed, and I called it in to the insurance company.  I thank God that my husband seemed okay.  He was handling everything calmly, but asked if I could just take care of it all from there.  It was all too much for him. 

    As far as the dare goes – my husband’s dream is to pay off all of our debt and open a coffee shop.  (I didn’t know about the coffee shop part until this past month.  He’s starting to open up about some of his dreams!)  The first time I did the dare, I started to work on how I would help with this.  I have paid off a couple of things in the past month, and we have started talking about money a lot more.  We’ve had a lot of big expenses with our vehicles, but with the improved communication, we’re getting through it together. 

  • Praise God... Commit those dreams to Christ and seek His will. There is an open door there and you can be the one to make it happen

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