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Day 38 - Love Fulfills Dreams

Day 38 - Love Fulfills Dreams

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  • I had started mapping out the plan for fulfilling my husband’s dream earlier in the week.  My husband is very fiscally responsible, while I am not.  He would like us to be out of debt sooner rather than later, and I’m still dragging around my debt from before we were married.  I had told him earlier in the week that I would do a budget for him from my salary, find some more to include in the amount that I give him every month, and find more that I can use to get some things paid off. 

    Although I haven’t yet gone over this budget with him, I have done it, and I found that I have more left over at the end of the month than I realized.  Where has it all gone, though?!  This past year, we paid off the truck, and if I give him more than I’ve been giving him, we can get the car paid off sooner.  I should also be able to double my credit card payments if not triple them. 

    I spent the day messaging my husband about a job possibility for him near our home.  I called him on my way home, and we talked the entire time.  We came up with a dinner idea together, and I made dinner for the family.  We sat down for dinner and talked about our day.  Before going upstairs to play video games, my husband said good night.  One of the things that came up during our really big fight was that he never says anything before going to play video games… just walks away from the family and does it.  Now, he waits until our daughter is in bed and we’ve spent a few minutes watching tv together.  There’s not much talking after she goes to bed, but we at least spend some time in the same room together.

  • Seek Christ to show your oneness here. Even in financial situations yu are both one.

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