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Day 78 - Love still Fulfills Dreams

Day 78 - Love still Fulfills Dreams

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    Day 78—Love still Fulfills Dreams


    “Ask yourself what your mate would want if it was obtainable.  Commit this to prayer, and start mapping out a plan for meeting some (if not all) of their desires, to whatever level you possibly can.”


    Last round what immediately came to mind when thinking about what my husband would want if obtainable was me being a changed person—him having my support, trust, respect, affection, listening to him wholeheartedly, and putting him “first” (after God). I believe I honestly can say God has molded me and continues to mold me into the wife my husband desires. I feel like the list is endless when thinking about all the changes I’ve had within. It is absolutely amazing what can happen when you abandon yourself to Christ. My gratitude is always overflowing, but tonight I was thanking God for the connection we have. I have never looked forward to waking every day like I have since starting this journey just to see what He has in store for me—how can He mold me today? What work will I see around me? It is a lifetime journey that will have an everlasting purpose—love and delight yourself in the Lord that in turn reflects His love and delight for His children.


    What came to mind this round was a lot different than last. My husband is really into biking. We have been talking a lot about me starting to ride with him. I’ve mentioned before I was really into soccer, which is a sport my husband never really cared about. What I have observed is when God displaces, He replaces. My desire to play soccer has completely diminished and has switched to truly wanting to share my husband’s passion of biking. A dream of his is to do the Seattle to Portland ride. It takes place every July and typically requires you to sign up a year in advance. We have recently been talking about doing it together next year. I have a long ways to go to get to his normal 30-40 mile bike rides, but I know together we can get to the 200 miles that the STP is. I am totally committed to the challenge of fulfilling this dream of my husband’s.

  • What you said is a great thing to think about.... Does God mold you to be the wife your husband desires?

    Even though the path you are on is one with Christ. And your husband no so much so.

    That is a great great question.

  • Wow, didn't even think about that when you put it that way regarding my husband...although I do believe Christ has been working in  Him, so yes he will be molded. Christ knows the desires of our heart. I know we do not always get every one of our desires, but then again Christ fills any voids...

  • I used to think that we did not get all our desires. But when you learn the difference between following your heart and leading it, you come to realize that some of the things we thought were desires are just the misleading of the heart.

    We have been made a promise. And it will be given. But we must seek that out and grow with the Lord to really understand what those things are.

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