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Day 38: Barriers to Dreams

Day 38: Barriers to Dreams

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  • I could not really think of what materialistic things he would want except for like a Mercedes which I will not be able to get for him.  I did purchase his favorite food for dinner and dessert.  Dinner didn't quite turn out how I expected but he did love his food which made me happy.

    SO I thought about it deeper what would really make him happy that I could do.  He has asked for me to be nicer.  So I know I need to make a huge effort to be nice.  I know he would love it if I would clean and organize some of the mess I have laying around.  Most of the stuff I think about is how I have contributed to the problems in this marriage. I need to put our marriage and him first, I need to speak to him respectfully, I need to love him unconditionally.  I know he feels I have treated my friends better than him.  I need to treat him like he's the most important person in the world.  He has stated that we do not nurture each other.  Which is sadly true.  I want to support him, encourage him and nurture him.

    I will pray about this and ask for GOD's guidance and strength to do some of these things which I know would make a world of difference to him.


  • I think I know what you meant by saying he has to come first. But make sure Christ is always first. Remember we have a jealous God.

    And even he must know, that Christ is first.

  • Yes I definitely mean he comes after GOD who is and should always be first.  

    I do want him to know and feel that I put him and our marriage first among any other human relationship.  I know I have failed at this in the past.  

  • but make clear that Christ is first. That is a testimony in itself!

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