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Round 2 - Dare 38

Round 2 - Dare 38

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  • For todays dare I decided to give my husband $450 toward a trip out west to hunt. He has always wanted to go out west to hunt and since I received my supplemental check (cheerleading) I decided to give him all that I could after I payed my tithe and some others things. On the jar it says, "(husband name) hunting out west savings." I left it on the dining room table for him to see. When he got in from mowing the lawn he saw it. He said that he couldn't accept it and that he could save his own money for it. I said that I'm his wife and one of my responsibilities is to try and help him fulfill every one of his dreams. He took the money out and tried to give it back to me. I said that I'm choosing to do this and whether he wants me to do this for him or not, I want to do it for him. I told him that I would like to keep the jar in my room so I can add money to it and if he ever wanted to add money to it he could. I told him that I had researched some places that do guided hunts so I know how much it costs. Once I have enough money saved up we can go online and book it for him. He said that it is your money and I should spend it on myself and I said, yep this is my money and this is what I want to do with it.

    He never said thanks or anything, but I didn't expect him to. I chose to do this just because I want to.

  • Praise God... It is a blessing to know you can stand firm and humble to do things like this...

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