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Re: Love Fulfills Dreams

Love Fulfills Dreams

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  • To day is day 38. The day went good until she came how from work she made dinner and didn't say anything about it to me until I walked into the living room and then it was I made dinner if you want same so I said yes and then thanked her for dinner. We started to talk about us and what was going on and she said to me that it was over and that she had no more love for me and that I needed to move on with my life to stop talking to her kids that out of 4 of them 3 are over 18, she then said to me that what was I going to do once the divorce went through her kids wouldn't talk to me any more , and then more hurtful things came out of her mouth,I didn't say anything to her and then she asked me to move out and then I said that I wasn't leaving and that we should work on our marriage and she said no I don't want to its over that's it , so i went to see a friend until i had to go to work. She is making Easter dinner at the house for the family on Sunday and she told me she didn't care if i was there or not it was about her and her kids bout if i was there i was and if not then who cares. I will be there it is still my family to and i love them anyways. The she told me about how bad and her dad where fighting and today is her birthday and if he didn't show up and wish her happy birthday that it was over with her dad to so that made me think and it came to me that i should call him and let him know that he needed to fix things with her and maybe take her out to lunch for her birthday and to call her tonight and set it up. He said that he would do it az soon as he hung up with me so. I believe that was the right thing to do to make her happy on her birthday. Even if she wants the divorce just keep showing her unconditional love. This is so hard letting go of the flesh and leading your heart its like the mind has control of my heart but i keep telling my self thats its about me and god now i have to let go right and let god deal with her, she keeps telling me that god is looking out for her and then she tells me that her heart is in a black place right now if you can figure that out.i will keep doing the dares and i will not move out and i will lay it at gods feet for him to work on her and pray for her.
  • So with me calling her dad to try and have him fix things with her was fulfills day 38 because that was a dream of hers that her dad do something with her and no one has to know I did it.

  • I would like to add one more thing and that is she keeps telling me that I am fake with what I am doing and she doesn't believe me,. She said I bring out the evil in her and that once I am gone that she is going to go to church and release the evil in her. Because god is on her side throughout all this and I don't see it that way, but it is at his feet now so I will let him work on her while I work on my self with god because it is his will not mine.

  • its her conviction........................prayers with you my friend

  • The more your testimony comes the more she will fight it. Stick to your path, it will get worse before it gets better and remember Christ is molding you through all of this.

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