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His dream...

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  • Spouse and I have been married for three years and in those years i have been at school pursing a degree.

    Its a 4 year degree programme of which this September, I am entering the final year. All along spouse has wanted to start a family but i told him that i wanted to get the degree out of the way.

    Initially, I didn’t plan to do a fourth year but that is the way it had been set up.

    with all that has been going on, I wonder if he is ready to be a parent. I know for a fact that I have been looking forward to being a mother and that this is something that I feel can be done now that I will have the time and resources to be home with the child.

    To show spouse that I am eager to have a family, I went out and bought diapers.  I really did not want to do this but the dare said to do what he wants and not want I want or because he deserves it. So, I went out and got the diapers. I handed them over to him and he was so happy he didn’t know what to  say.

    I just stood there and prayed in my heart for me to say nothing. Well, he was so happy and asked how many more packs I needed. I shrugged my shoulders to say that I didn’t know. He went on smiling, hugged the diapers and just said he had no words to say.

    Having kids is not an issue, I am about to complete my degree and I will have all the time to be a mother for as long as the Lord allows but I really needed to fulfil my dream and get a degree. so I guess now, I need to show that his dream is a priority to me now and I must admit that it feels kind of good to know that I can be a part of that.

    I never saw it that he was allowing me to go after my academic dreams till now. It has not been easy for me especially when he uses that as an excuse for infidelity. To this day I have no word of anyone claiming to be carrying his child.

    Well, rather than dwell on that. I will just stay focused and so what I can to make it his dream come true , as he says “ to have a baby with me is all that he ever wanted because he knows that I will take care of the kids”.

  • This is the opening for you to not only bless his desire through Christ, but also your own.

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