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  • Aside from happiness, I can't think of many things my husband desires.  Except for more flexibility in our checking account!  We have been struggling financially for a while now & I've been staying at home with the kids while he works.  Though I don't regret our choices, I can see how having all the financial troubles on his shoulders could make him feel unsatisfied or unhappy.  For a while I have been studying to take my recertification exam.  I used to teach elementary school before my children were born but my certification expired before I was able to renew it :P  So today I took the practice test & passed (yay!) and after I am done on this site I will be reserving my spot for the recertification exam in 2 weeks- EEK!  I need to do this.  Yes, it will be a big weight off his shoulders to have another income, but it will be good for me too.  The process is long- exam, apply for recertification, apply for jobs, hopefully find a position, start working in August- but I have put the wheels in motion & I feel great :)


  • Praise God. But, that still will not complete happiness. It is your journey and your testimony that will do that.

    It is amazing how all my life it was if only this or if only that. And when they all came it was something else. Then my journey. And now, happiness is in Christ. In fact, I really do not chase anything anymore. I have truly found the secret to happiness. Christ!

  • I understand & agree.  But since he is still searching for that happiness that I cannot provide him with, taking a little weight off his shoulders is all I can offer :). Well, that & praying for him!

    I have also seen how the more you want the more unsatisfied & unhappy you are!  You keep wanting more but it never brings you the happiness you wanted it to!  

  • Just as he can not provide all the happiness in your life. Without Christ we live for the things of this world. And the funny part is, we cannot take them with us. So focus on the things above, and when you find your happiness through Christ and your every move shows that, even in the times when people think you should be unhappy, there is the testimony Christ is looking for.

    It is that testimony that others will desire for themselves.

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