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dare 38/round 2

dare 38/round 2

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  • Merry Christmas :) 

    I used to know my husbands needs & wants... but lately the only thing I can think of is happiness.  Since I can't give that to him, even though I'd sacrafice everything for it, all I could do was pray.  I prayed that he finds his happiness, though he thinks he knows what that is (leaving and doing who knows what...) I am thinking he won't know true happiness until he accepts the Lord back into his life & until he begins to trust God with everything.

    It was overall a great day for my family.  I have a lot to be thankful for & I don't need anything more.  I caught myself becoming saddened by my husbands behavior toward me today a few times... I tried to get away to privacy momentarily to pray and ask for strength & God always helped.  I also reminded my kids today why we celebrate Christmas & then we all went to the manger scene set up at our house & said happy birthday to Jesus.  It was so fulfilling to see/hear.

    I pray my husband finds the happiness he is seeking.  I pray the Lord help him in every way to find it. 

  • You still know his needs and wants. But maybe you are blinded by his selfish nature in what he thinks.

    Look back to when you followed your heart. When you were centered with self. You never realized that the true desire of your heart was what you have now. None of us did. It was always something more. We were never satisfied.

    When we come to love and trust Christ and our spouse doesn't, it is like they are addicted to the flesh... We have been cured. Almost like living with any other type of addict. We just need for them to get to their lowest point and be there as a testimony when they do.

  • Sean, I love your comparison to being cured and living with an addict. I can totally see the similarities. Such a good picture.



    Leslie Holmes

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  • Leslie,

    Thank you...

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