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Barely Holding On

Barely Holding On

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  • My Husband would barely talk to me today.  He was quite ikey with myself and the kiddies.  I haven't asked him yet, as I didn't want to stir him up more.  One day at a time at the moment for me.

  • But when the dare has something for you to do, if you do not do it because not wanting to stir things up, you are now controlling the situation and not trusting Christ..,

  • I realised after I posted that it was manipulation Sean.  So I tried talking to him about by first showing him a Celebrate Recovery music video I enjoy.  My husband doesnt believe in God and thinks its all a rort.  Anyway while it played (I had put it on his knee so he could see it), he just kept fiddling with his own phone doing facebook.  He showed no interest whatsoever.  He could tell I was upset when I picked it up and went to wash up.  He ended up taking my phone and relooking it back up again to watch it.  By the sounds he didnt mind it but I couldnt talk to him much as his rudeness upset me.  I left it at that.

    Later on I read an article on Toxic People and relationships.  It was a shock to read about myself in the articles.  I thought other people were but it described me.  Then I realised that by following these dares its results equated to what the article was saying were healthy/loving  behaviours.  The opposite of what I was/am -  Toxic.  I am just as toxic as anyone else.  Its still hitting me between the eyes.  Now its time to get really serious about these dares.  I really need help.

  • I am here anytime you need and if you want direct assistance.

    And why are you showing him videos? Remember your first lesson in CR, you are not God. You cannot force him to see anything. You need to focus on your journey with Christ. And that's what these dares are, you and Christ!

  • I was showing him the video as it was a song that I liked.  Aren't we allowed to share things with them anymore?

  • Yes you can..

    But think really hard about this... We're you showing him the video in hopes that he would get something out of it? Because that would be a manipulation. And I know it sucks... LOL. So many things. Heck I remember when I would just want to shake my wife and scream wake up.

    Your spouse is not where you are. It will not mean what you want it to mean. When they get Where we are then it will mean so much more!

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