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Day 77 - Love still Agrees in Prayer

Day 77 - Love still Agrees in Prayer

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    Day 77—Love still Agrees in Prayer


    “Ask your spouse if you can begin praying together.  Talk about the best time to do this, whether it's in the morning, your lunch hour, or before bedtime.  Use this time to commit your concerns, disagreements, and needs before the Lord.  Don't forget to thank Him for His provision and blessing.  Even if your spouse refuses to do this, resolve to spend this daily time in prayer yourself.”


    “When you were joined together as a husband and wife, God gave you a wedding gift—a permanent prayer partner for life. It should become your automatic reflex action when you don’t know what else to do. Shared prayer is a key ingredient in marital longevity. The unity that grows between a man and woman who regularly pray together forms an intense and powerful connection.”

    Although my husband’s heart is not softened towards Christ yet, a couple stories were shared with me of men that were in such a place themselves, but when turned themselves to God, they became the spiritual leader of their household astonishing their wives. I remind myself NOTHING is impossible with Christ. “Spiritual leader” seems like such a foreign characteristic to describe my husband with and feels like it is a very distant occurrence for him, but I have seen the power of prayer just as this chapter talks about. I am not giving up on him to reach salvation and perhaps one day become the spiritual leader of our household.


    I referred quite a bit to ‘living in the moment’ in my entry yesterday. I woke this morning praying for God’s strength to continue this. He knows it is a battle I will have to fight every day and I know He will give me tests to ensure I fight this battle armed with His strength.


    Out of the blue, as I was getting ready to go running this morning, He told me that I was to invite my husband over for dinner. This was not in my plans for the evening as I was contemplating going to evening church with my Dad depending on how far we got with some work on the house. I didn’t question it though. Once I got back from running I called my husband to ask if he wanted to come over tonight for dinner, which he accepted.


    After my Dad so kindly helped me with finishing up more in progress projects around the house, my husband came over for dinner. Nothing extravagant. I just made tacos. When we were done with dinner I showed him what got done today. I will often find him, whenever he comes over, just staring around the house then exclaiming how great everything looks. He then tells me he is imagining everything moved back in. I love this! I tell him, this is our “new beginnings.” It truly is. The house looks completely different than when he moved out. I know this was all in God’s plan.


    Once done showing him the house, I put in a movie for us to watch. As I was putting it in the DVD player, he asked, “What is this?” When I looked at what he was looking at, I realized he was looking at my notes from last week’s church service, which was scribbled on the church’s program. I had them on my Bible, so I could input them into a journal. I told him what they were. He then asked if this was a new church I was going to since he didn’t recognize the name. I told him, yes, that I went by myself last week to check it out and really liked it. He asked where it was and I also told him that it is a bit smaller than the one I was going to (the one he did not like because it was too big). The conversation ended there. Thinking back I wonder if I should have asked if he wanted to come with me…although I think God would have pressed that upon me if He did. No doubt, I would in a heartbeat if He wanted me to. Perhaps this was another seed to be planted in my husband and would not have happened if I had not invited him over for dinner…


    We ended the night just watching a movie together. It was another nice evening spent together. I feel like such a smitten teenager when we say our goodbyes for the night. I don’t want him to leave, but this allows for things to be taken slow. In God’s time, I know him moving back in will all work out. Until then, I am thankful for the time we do get to spend together.

  • Praise God... To show that you are taking situations into your own hands by going to the new Church. Getting the house done, growing in Christ.

    You know.... He is realizing you no longer have a dependence on him. You are becoming a woman in Christ. Standing on your own.

    How the tables have turned. Let your testimony begin its newest levels.

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