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Day 37: Hopeful

Day 37: Hopeful

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  • I asked my husband what he meant when he said NO to praying during our conversation yesterday.  I said I just wanted to understand him that' all.  He said he was not comfortable with it right now.   I asked if he prays to Buddha and he replied he did not know.  I was pleased that he said not right now because that gave me some hope that maybe one day he would agree to pray with me.  He then asked about the daily devotional and asked that I reread yesterdays and then today.  I don't know if he's getting anything out of it but he did say thank you even though he was half asleep.  I hope to read it to him when he's fully alert so he can listen to what I'm reading.   He falls asleep so quickly that's its frustrating but I'll try to do this first as to capture his attention.

    I will plan to pray as soon as I get home from work.  That's usually a stressful time because I'm like a tornado flying thru at times and I know it makes things uncomfortable for everyone.  I think this will help ground me, give me some peace and help me be calm.  I know this has been a source of stress for my husband when I'm crabby or irritable once I get home.  I know this will be a positive change for everyone in the home. 

    We will be reading the devotional book before bedtime and I will spend some time praying before I go to bed.  I also start my morning out giving Thanks to GOD for everyone and everything in my life.  I listen to gospel music as I get ready in the morning because it fills my heart with love and joy.  I also spend time throughout the day reading devotional things, posts on here or watching/listening to sermons on YouTube.    I feel like this all helps me become closer to GOD which I know is the most important thing right now to me.

  • your husband claims buddha. But he does not admit to prayer to buddha. Which leads me to believe his pride is fully involved here.

    He is convicted when these questions arise and must run from them.... That is a good thing. Now you need to allow Christ to mold you more each day so that your presence is a conviction alone.

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