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dare 37

dare 37

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  • A thought entered my mind as I read through this dare again.  Is this asking that ONLY you and your spouce pray together, or would family prayer time be OK, too?  I ask because my kids and I pray together every night.  My husband would occationally join us when he was living here, but it was never consistant.  ANyway- I'm just wondering, if he does come back, if praying with the kids as a family would be a good thing? A good example?

    I had to pay for my sons preschool today & later had to take them to get their hair cut.  SO I went to check our balnace in the checking account online & it wouldn't let me sign in.  it looks as though my husband either changed the password or the username.  In anycase, I felt that panic & anger building up... not nearly as bad as before, but it was there.  I did NOT call/text/email him.  I went downstairs to call the bank, and before I did I just prayed.  I called the bank & was able to set up my own online banking account since I'm still on the account.  Boom, a solution.  This is what has been a big downfall for me.  An unexpected event occurs & I automatically start to panic.  I don't care why he changed the info, I don't care where he is spending the money, I just want to know that I can pay for the things my kids need.  So instead of letting that panic overcome me, I prayed.  What a difference.  I don't need to have his login/password- I have my own.  I never created my own login becasue there was no need to before... but I guess this just goes to show you that there's always a way when you trust in God.  SO I checked the account, we had enough money in there & I was able to pay the bills. YAY!

    I faught with myself again about trying to make my husband jealous.  He was out of town on for a meeting today & told me the other night that he wasn't sure what time he was going to be by to pick up the kids.  He asked if I had plans & i told him i did but if he needed me to hang out wth the kids for a little while then I would adjust those plans.  I do accually have plans, i wasn't lying!  But they are with my friend and I know she is flexible :)  Anyway, part of me wanted to make him seem like I was doing more than hanging out with a friend... but I didn't.  I couldn't.  I realize that is just me trying to control the situation & it wouldn't do me any good. 

    I get disappointed in myself when i think that way.  I feel like I am failing, though I know that all these trials are important.  I am constantly praying for the strength to fight the temptations that are thrown my way.  I know it all has a reason...

  • Praying with family is important. A family that prays together stays together! So until your husband comes back, keep praying with your kids. And when he does come back, then pray as a family. But remember it is always good to have your own time to pray.

    Those thoughts you fight with are a war with the flesh. And that is OK. You see how easy it is to triumph over them by setting your sites on Christ.

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