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Day thirtyseven

Day thirtyseven

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  • He has told me several times that he doesn't believe in  religion. He sometimes is amused by my beliefs I think, but he keeps saying how he is a realist. I have tried showing him how God works in our lives, but he comes up with other explanations that he can accept.  This is probably a contributing factor to the reason I haven't been going to services for a while, because he never does. I will keep praying even though he doesn't join me.

    I remember when I felt guided, how great that was to have a path open up before me and know it is the right one to walk. I have spent far too many years trying to walk my own path and got away from the right one. I haven't gotten back to it yet but it is getting closer.

  • You need to not allow his influence on you. That is putting him over Christ. And remember we have a jealous God.

    When you are back on track, then things in your life will be different in many ways. Especially being a testimony to him.

    Christ will work on him, but you need to do your part as well.

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