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Re: Day 77 - Love Agrees in Prayer

Day 77 - Love Agrees in Prayer

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  • My husband will not pray… unless he’s sitting at dinner and our daughter says grace.  Even then, he doesn’t always say “Amen”. 

    The day was fairly busy.  It was my one weekday off work.  I started with our daughter’s IEP meeting at school, then dropped the truck off for repairs.  My father in law picked me up and took me back home.  I was stuck inside the house for the next 6 hours.  Got some cleaning done, watched talk shows, and read a lot.  That never happens!  Praise God – the truck repairs were a couple thousand less than the first place had quoted us.  They were able to have it done by the next day, so my father in law took me to rent a car to use until the repairs were done.  I was able to leave the car rental place and pick my daughter up from school.

    When we got home, we had a snack and watched TV for a bit.  Then my father in law took me and her to sign her up for ballet lessons.  This is going to be Grandpa’s thing to do with her.  He put his name on all of the paperwork and will be taking her to her lessons.  He is such a blessing in my life!  I praise God for him every single day. 

    My husband came home and we worked on homework and had dinner before I went to counseling.  Before counseling, he asked what the routine should be for our daughter for that night.  I told him what I do, which includes reading her devotional and praying right before bed, but he was welcome to do his own routine that night.  I got home from counseling, asked how the night went, and he did my same routine… prayer and devotion as well!  WooHoo!  The dare wasn’t completed with me, but it was completed with our daughter.  That’s good enough for me. 

  • I responded to your journal post on this.

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