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Re: Day 37 - Love Agrees in Prayer

Day 37 - Love Agrees in Prayer

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  •  So it's been a few days since I was on here due to working 17 to 20 hours days... I have managed to complete each dare on these days, even being away from home. I asked Shelly today via email if we could pray together on the phone each day, or together when I am on days off. I told her it's her decision, and that I would pray for her every day anyway. She did send me a message that she ad our kids moved about 30 miles away to another town to an apartment and that she enrolled our daughter in a new school district. I told her that it was her decision, but that I didn't feel it was the best decision to make. Had no other contact with her except to ask to speak to the kids on the phone. I did tell her that I continue to love her unconditionally no matter where she lives.

    On a side note, I have lost a considerable amount of weight lately (over 35 pounds in a month and a half), and am a little worried about my health. I am by no means skinny, but have lost quickly and have very little appetite and some digestive problems.I don't feel too bad, but an starting to become concerned. I am praying about everything, and feel full of the Holy Spirit, and may see a doctor soon.

    I am still trusting that God is working on her and that my positive attitude and faith continue to be a testimony to Shelly. I am not giving up on my faith or my family.

  • Seek Christ in every moment to fill your voids, this is when you testimony is best. She will see Christ through you

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