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Re: Round 3 - Day 117

Round 3 - Day 117

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  • Yesterday my husband served me divorce papers. I will not  be seeing him. Of course this felt extremely akward to be asking him to start praying together, but I trust the Lord and want to please him, so I called and left a message. It was very short and to the point, "Hello (husband's name), I want to ask you if we could start praying together. Hope you are having a nice day." No response. I have not spoken to him since I got served the papers. I have given my husband over to the Lord to work on.

  • Your journey is one that will give the testimony to Him to desire Christ as much as you.

    It is tough. But when you focus and trust in the Lord, you will find that Christ will fill every void you have.

  • Hey Melissa.  I haven't had any contact with my wife since last week when she asked me to stop contacting her. I signed the divorce papers again (the first set was rejected) yesterday.  But there is a sense of relief in that I know that I was obedient to Christ in my interaction with her since the separation.  I now I've made some mistakes, but this is a period of growth for me as it is you.... and we will stumble from time to time as we learn to walk in Christ.  I'm still walking in Christ but I have completely turned Melanie over to Him and pray to be ready to be a testimony to her when He gives me the opportunity.  

    Your posts have been an inspiration to me.  I am excited for you and what you will do in Christ's name!

  • Thanks Dave! That is so nice to hear. This journey is very difficult. Though I feel that I am being obedient to Christ and I am being a testimony day in and day out, I still have a lot of work that needs to be done in me. Though my focus in a Christ and wanting all of His promises, I am still anxious at times. I cannot wait for the day when I have given my life completely over to Christ and have absolutely no worries at all. I'm working on this and praying a lot for it, but I'm waiting on Christ to take me there :)

  • It is closer than you think...

  • :) YAY!!!!!!!!

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