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Day 37 Round III - 9/14/10

Day 37 Round III - 9/14/10

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  • One week to go.  Things are as they are.

    I asked her today if she would pray with me.  She had scoffed at me the first time I asked her this, so I didn't have high hopes for this time.  But I didn't want to say no for her.  So I asked.  She said she thought it was weird.  I said maybe but would she consider it.  She said she couldn't.  I said fair enough, I just wanted to ask and told her thanks for having us over for dessert and told her to have a good evening.

    I then read from Romans, which is really one of my favorite books.  I don't want to think of K as my enemy, but the scriptures on how to treat your enemies and how to handle those how hurt you I find more applicable to how to handle her than the scriptures on love right now.  I prayed.  Then watched a movie with the kids.

    This will run its course.  I have put it in God's hands and I am not going to start doing things my own way now.  She made a comment yesterday that if there was to be anything between us it would be in the future and that she was not going to stop the divorce.  I thought that was weird.  I told her what I have for this entire time.  That I'm not in support of this divorce and I would like an opportunity to show her who I have become and show up and see what God has in mind for us. 

    I don't know if anything will change.  But I'm at peace in this moment.  I have prayed, I have read from the bible and I have accepted in this moment that he has this under control, even if the result is not the saving of my marriage.  There is still a week left.  That is not too short a time for God to work a miracle if that is what he has in mind. 

    God is never late.  He is good and I can trust him.


  • Her not wanting to pray is a flat out rejection of Christ. It being weird is a conviction that she does not know how to accept.

    Let Him work... He is still at it. No doubt.

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