Hi there,

Swimming is generally a healthy exercise followed by most of the people. It plays a major role in maintaining body health and beauty. I know swimming is quite good to do. But how about the pregnant ladies. Is it beneficial for them? My husband says swimming is a good exercise for the pregnant ladies and planning to install a custom swimming pool in our home. He says it can strengthen your heart and make it more efficient in pumping the blood. It also helps to improve the circulation of the whole body and enhance the oxygen levels in the blood. It is recommended to swim because

the water keeps you from overheating and prevents the injury by supporting the joints and ligaments

it makes you feel weightlessness

it helps you to keep your weight in a healthy range

it strengthens the muscles

I think it is really good to do the swimming. But I'm on the 2 trimesters of pregnancy, can I start the swimming from now onwards. Do I need to get doctor's approval? Does it really help you during the delivery?

Can the swimming take away the fear and tension that occur during the pregnancy period? I'm very much tensed about my pregnancy. At some moments I cannot control my heart beats. Sometimes the fear is at the peak that I can't able to control myself even if I listen to the music. It is really hard at sometimes. What can I do the control the fear and become strong? Does swimming help me out in such cases?