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Day 36: God's Love

Day 36: God's Love

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  • I started reading Proverbs from one of the past Dares.  I also read a devotional book which I had started to read with my husband but then for some reason stopped.  I knew he would not be open to reading the bible or praying together so I asked him if he would be ok with reading this devotional book together.  I reminded him that before he had seemed to enjoy and agree with some of the devotions.   He agreed which made me happy.  I did say I did not think he would want to pray with me and he said NO he would not pray.  It's difficult being married to someone who does not share the same beliefs as you.  I am thankful he supports me and what I believe and that we can have some great conversations about GOD.  I just wish he shared in the same beliefs and love that I have for GOD.  Well maybe one day.  A girl can hope and pray.

    This led into some discussion on somethings.  How we are moving forward in our marriage.  What he needs. What I need.  He seems to be more open and sharing which is a blessing.  He shared some things that I'm sure he felt might upset me.  I listened and told him I understood and accepted what he was saying.    I realize that I have to STOP and LISTEN truly LISTEN to him and not interject and throw in past stuff.  I have to create an environment where he feels safe to talk to me.  I'm finding myself having to STOP from saying "well then I need you to do this then...."   I pray for GOD's continued guidance and love.  I pray for his will in  my life, my husband's life and our marriage.

  • I know how you feel about wanting him to be in the same place as you with Christ. To be able to pray, to be able to worship, fellowship and more.

    But the biggest problem he has is pride... Not that it is so much he does not want to. He will be somewhat embarrassed.

    But that will change. It will change because of your testimony.

    I remember the things my wife would not do. And now, there is nothing she wont do. LOL....

    Again, do not worry so much about his walk with Christ right now. Worry about his salvation, worry about Christs will in his life...

    The other stuff will come.

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