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  • I was reading my bible today while my daughter napped & I was reading a passage about an unfaithful spouce.  It went on to describe how the Lord told her that all that she has done to others will then be paid back unto her (more or less).  Something about reading the details and the way it was written really touched me.  I pray for my husband always, but reading this just made me burst into tears and really pray for him & his salvation.  My husband believes in God, but takes His words loosely- as I think we all have at some point in our lives.  Anyway- I guess it just made me think about all the good he has done in his life & what a good man he is & I prayed that he would open his heart to God & be saved from His wrath.

    The more I think about it, the more I feel i had failed my husband.  When we met I was going to church every Sunday & he often chose to come along without me even asking.  While dating, I allowed myself to miss a Sunday mass every now & then.  By the time I had kids, It was my excuse for barely going... the kids will be loud, it's frustrating to go when they are misbehaving & I can't pay attention, etc.   I feel like I should have been stronger & more faithful to God during our relationship so that I would be a testamony to him earlier.  I know all things happen for a reason & I know that with everything going on in my marriage I have have been able to really trust in God for the first time ever, I have learned so much about my faith & God's word & I know I am stronger & love unconditionally becasue of my journey.  I know I feel like I failed him, but maybe I needed to so that I could really understand what it means to be a testamony.  Maybe I was living on a foundation of sand & now I have to rebuild that foudation on the rock.  Maybe it has to begin with me.  There is no maybe- I know that's what needs to be done!


  • And with that realization, you now grow in Christ, and trust Him with your life, including this current situation.

    He will bless the desires of your heart!

  • Wow, that's great testimony and something I can directly relate to.

    When I first met my wife, she was going to church every Sunday and I went with her. Even when we began taking our kids, we were diligent about going. Then I started to find reasons not to go, and eventually she stopped going too.

    I feel I failed her, and my children, as well. It's up to me, as the husband and father, to lead my family to the Lord.

    I pray for my wife every night. That God will work in our marriage and in us and that His will be done in our lives.

    I have to lead my family back to the Lord, no matter what. No more excuses, only results :)

  • Chad,

    You are right. But make sure you focus on your journey to the fullest. You cannot lead them without being a testimony to them!

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