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  • Today my wife told me that she has found a place and is moving out as soon as she finds out if she got a job that she applied for and wanted to know what she could take because I had previously told her that she could take anything that wasnt nailed down. However she knows I'm not a man of my word. Some what stunned, I replied with I needed time to think about it. She responded with that I always tell her that and then never get back with her. I told her I would let her know by tonight. Still waiting for that talk. But what drives me nuts is her mood swings. Shes like night and day from one moment to the next. I also ran into a good friend of hers the previous day. Like everyone else, they told her shes going about this the wrong way. He told me that she knows this but for some reason is ignoring it along with everyone that tells her that. She actually thinks that Ive turned all of her friends against her. The people she is taking advice from have no credentials and are actually quite opposite.

  • Be careful on comments you make. Every thing you say can and will be used against yu by her! And now when you need to actually think about it, it is something that will hurt your testimony to her.

  • So I cant take time to think about what to do?

  • You sure can take time to think about things, just remember, that everything that you may have said to her previously will be used against told her you dont care what she takes, now when she went to confirm that with you, you appeared to have changed your mind......being Christ like means being steadfast in things as well.....we should say what we mean and mean what we say.....its tough sometimes because things can be said in the heat of the moment that need to be recanted later....ive said and done that before with my wife....even through the dares....

    why not let her take whatever she wants????  fighting over small things like the BBQ grill is small potatoes comparitively isnt it?  Also it will give you a good insight to the condition of her heart......

    Now if she wants the gold bullion you guys have saved up over 30 years and is worth 1.5 million dollars (just an example), there might need to be a line drawn......

    Above all, pray on it.

  • Yes, but you said something in the past and now you are thinking about it.

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