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Day 36 - Love is God's Word

Day 36 - Love is God's Word

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  • This was one of those days that I just couldn’t get my emotions under control.  I spent the day on the verge of tears.  My husband and I had traded vehicles in the morning so that I could get the car inspected, and he took the truck to work.  I cleaned out the truck the night before, vacuumed out the dog hair, and cleaned the windshield so that he would be more comfortable in it.

    I started my morning reading my dare, then some of the forum responses for the day.  I prayed, and then did my devotion.  I knew that I was feeling unsettled, so I went back to my devotion from Tuesday.  It was about staying calm and knowing that GOD is working on the very thing that’s leaving me so anxious.  That helped get through the morning.  I met with my mentor for breakfast after dropping my daughter off at daycare.  I had a day full of errands and didn’t think she’d want to go with me.

    I stayed in contact with my husband throughout the day… talking about the car inspection and what gift I should get for our God daughter’s birthday.  I drove to a neighboring town to pick up something special for dinner that night.  He had been craving something from a Thai place that wasn’t sold around us. 

    We got news during the day that my husband’s contract was possibly not going to be renewed with his job.  I stopped where I was and prayed.  We talked about the options for a bit… and what the job market looked like for his line of work.  After putting our daughter to bed, I sat down with him and asked what I could do to help ease some of the burden of what was going on.  He just asked that I not make any large purchases over the next month until we know what’s happening with his job.  I offered to make a budget or what I bring in so that he could help me use that more efficiently to help out the household, and he accepted that offer.  We also talked about a piece of furniture that we had been considering buying and decided to get it next week rather than waiting any longer.

    This was the first time throughout this entire situation that we have discussed anything having to do with OUR future. 

    Back to the dare – I have been spending time in the Word every day through my own morning devotions, and my daughter and I do her evening devotion together.  My husband doesn’t want to participate in it, but I often find him lurking outside of the bedroom door while our daughter and I are doing her devotions, and she runs downstairs when we’re done and tells him how much GOD loves her!   

  • True in the Lord. He will provide what you need. And if your husband needs testimony through this hard time with his job, you are the one that needs to support it. Continue to pray for guidance through Christ for this.

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