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Re: Round 2 - Day 76

Round 2 - Day 76

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  • On Day 36 of the first round I asked my husband to start reading the Bible with me and he agreed! Thank you Jesus! We read the Bible together on the nights that we can. I would like it to be every night, but I'm thankful for the nights that we do. This time around I noticed how much more this was about me, and not so much my marriage. I read the Bible daily by myself and then also with my husband, but I haven't gotten to the point in my journey where I feel as though it is something that I NEED on a daily basis. Though I don't care about money at all, I don't recognize it as being better than gold. This is where I want to be. I'm going to start focusing more on LIVING in the word. 


  • That is because your whole life you were of the world. That is all changing now. Gold will not get you Christ, nor the blessings of the Trinity.

    Gold cannot do what the word can.

    Granted, to people of the wold, gold will do much more on this earth than anything else. But, when you have Christ, there is nothing gold can do for you that His word can!

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