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Day 75 - Love is Accountable

Day 75 - Love is Accountable

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  • I’m still seeing my counselor.  I feel like I should find a new one, but this counselor will see me at a time that really works for me.  Still, I don’t get a lot out of our meetings.  I have a mentor that I’ve been friends with for a few years.  Also, I have a close friend that is always very honest with me.  She lost her husband this past year, and their marriage was always one that my husband and I looked up to. 

    I have other friends that contact me weekly just to see how things are going.  They ask for specific things to pray for in regards to myself and my family.  My husband doesn’t have his own support system like I do… my friends all pray for him.  I continue to pray that someone will reach out to him or he will agree to see a counselor on his own.

    This was our daughter’s first day back to school.  My husband went in her room in the morning to tell her to have a great day.  When we got home, he made dinner while I worked on her homework with her and filled out all of the paperwork.  He asked me to read some of the paperwork out loud while I was signing it so that he would be on top of it all as well.  He was trying a new dish, and kept asking questions about how I thought he should do things. 


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