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Re: Mentoring and Protection

Mentoring and Protection

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  • I haven't fully chosen my mentor yet.  There are 2 people who I know would be very suitable.  One knows a fair bit about my family's history and the other is someone I admire from afar.  I'll probably go with the one who knows myself and who has been a wonderful mentor in the past.  Guess that answers my own question.  She has a wonderful, strong faith in the lord and her advice in the past has always been helpful.


    On another note now.  As I've stated before, my husband is home for his week off.  He's been quite cranky with myself and our children the last day or so.  Tomorrow he wanted me to take him to a friend's house, to get measured up to be in his wedding.  I stated I didn't want to as it normally turns into a drinking session.  Then I cop his mouthing off at myself and the kiddies in the car on the way home. I know he's not happy with me because of it.  I still need to protect myself and the kiddies from abusive behaviour no matter what.  

  • This is where you need to seek Christ in being able to do these things and deal with the issues with Christ by your side.

    There are ways if you seek Christ in doing it. Remember depend on Christ to guide you and protect you and then you will fill with His comfort and love always.

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