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Same but different...

Same but different...

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  • This was very hard for me because of prior attempts to get counselling and help.

    I just had to do it and so I printed out the text from the dare and asked Spouse to read it and that he should let me know what he thinks about it when he is done.

    After he read it, I asked what he thought and verbally anticipated that he would say he was not interested but to my suprise he actually said that it was ok.

    I asked if he knew anyone that we could go to and he said he had no idea.

    I did not tell him that I had a couple in mind because I have nit yet heard back from them, as i had sent them an email soon after I read the dare.

    I do not know if they will agree but they are the only marriage that I admire and they are believers.

    This couple appear to live a simple life with thier kids and even before their famkly grew, I recall how the husband and spouse were always each others freind and how they would open their home to people like me and what they had was so simple it seemed fake.

    The wife was persuing her MAsters when I met then and the husband I think was working with community based out reach programmes. When she completed her masters, she had two more kids and was a stay at home mom for a few years while the spouse continued to work. It is only this year, that  the wife took a job in Uganda where she is posted for a few months and will be returining at the end of this month. the husband has been left with the kids and has blessed his wife to go and make use of her education where ever it will be accepeted.

    the couple are not flashy and though they are known to alot of people, it is because of their family values and faith in Christ, that they show through good works to please God.

    Its funny, coz I always thought their life was too simple to be true. I come from a background of jibes and smart remarks at spouses no matter who is around and that there is always an element of tension in the air for fear of what one spouse might blurt out. I never ever heard the wife gripe about her spouse not once not even in a joking way that women do when they get together and I never heard the spouse do the same either. When ever i run into him, he is doing the work of the Lord in the community.

    when my spouse joined me 3 years ago, i through a party for all my freinds to meet him and this couple could not make it but they helped me arrange it.

    Since then, I only ever met them together once and that was in 2009.

    The wife contacted me on face book last week just to comment on a photo of mine and it was after reading and praying about the dare yesterday that  I realised that they would be the perfect mentors. I also ran into the husband breifly on Saturday, again at the centre where he was doing community work.

    All I think of with them is a simple quiet life with no drama.

    I have never known a life free of tension yet this is what I see in these people.

     If the couple  do not agree then I will be sadm but  will ask spouse if we can pray together to ask the Lord to bring another couple our way who can mentor us.


  • Chirsts hand in it all. He is guiding you in that direction. And look how much they have been a testimony to you without even realizing it until now.

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