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Re: Day 35 - Love is Accountable

Day 35 - Love is Accountable

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  • Finding a system for accountability is something that I did at the very beginning of this journey.  I began seeing a counselor immediately, but am considering finding a new one.  He lets me talk for the entire time I’m in there, but I talk plenty as it is.  I think I need some more feedback than he’s giving me.  I opened myself up to my friends and my in laws.  I have nothing to hide.  Every day, someone texts or calls to see how I’m doing and to check on how the dares are going.  I have had nothing but full support from all of my friends and my in laws. 

    I have two couples as marriage mentors for myself.  My husband is not interested in talking to anyone.  One couple that I talk to went through an experience similar to ours.  Both couples are very strong in their faith and always available to talk. 

    I pray for the day that my husband will turn to someone to help guide him on his own journey, and I give praise every day for the people that have been put in our life to guide me.


  • Is your counselor a Christian one? If not maybe find one.

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