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Re: Day 35: Counselinq

Day 35: Counselinq

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  • I have an appointment today with a Marriage/Family Therapist. It is right down the street frum where my Husband lives.. BUT he does not want to go. :( Wen he was tellin me before he was willing to go to a real proffessional counseler. But i quess not anymore... (i didnt realize my insurance covers counselors,therapists etc so it is free fore me-Thank God) I am willing to go alone bkus this is sumthin i need. I am not okay wit my situation and maybe this kan help atleast in sum small way. And maybe i kan get my husband to go another time.. I wish i kould post journals :( I always have to post here on the days, but it isnt the same.  Well if i have time tonite i will come again and post here how many counselinq went if not then tomarow.

    God Bless..


  • Sumthin krazy also is i called yusterday to make an appt and i didnt kno i would get one so fast and it ended up todays dare being to seek counseling. So i hope its God there wit me today. Amen..


  • God is always with you.

    As for your journal. Try singing up again under a different but close name and see if you can create the journal.

  • I tried that remember and it was the same thing. :(

    Well i went to my therapy. It wasnt really wat i expected. I might try another person .. There is this place called "A new path in christian counseling" but they dont take my insurance they take other insurances. :(

    I want to try another place and if i dont like it either i might jus give up on the therapy thing.

    The man didnt tell me much all he said was my husband is being immature and hes not ready for the responsibility of being a father and a husband or sumthing but w.e i didnt pay much attention to it bkus i dont think that thats the problem. It has to b spiritual.

    But I kno God has to b doin sumthin and working on something for me. I jus know things cant b left this way..


  • It wont be left this way. If you are willing to accept Gods will, then you allow Christ to mold you to overcome these things. And by doing so you become the testimony to others around you.

    Put your trust in Christ completely, and others will notice. And I assure you, they will all want what you have....

  • AMEN. i kno he has to b doing this for a purpose. it has to b for a testimony.. And maybe i kan become a testimony for other marriages so they kan see wat i went through and that they kan also make it. Even tho i have almost no communication now wit my husband.. God has to b working.. he has been awful quiet wit me.. and wen hes silent its bkus hes working..

    I have another counseling session on Saturday.. this time wit a woman. i hope i like this better..

    God Bless..


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