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Day thirtyfive

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  • I have two couples that I can ask advice from. One is close to my age, and the other is old enough to be my parents. Both have been married a very long time. They give good advice, just by being an example.

    Today as I was thinking about this dare, and what these people mean to me, and what I have learned and observed from them, I was feeling inadequate, not good enough, feeling like I haven't got a chance to be even close to where they are in the relationship I have. When I got home and looked at my mail, there was a letter from a church I have never been to inviting me to come experience God's love. The note said 'if on your spiritual journey you are looking for a place to experience God's grace, a place to be yourself and belong then come. No perfect people allowed.'

  • Praise God....

    So what are you going to do?

  • I'm going to go visit the church, go for sunday service this week perhaps. They even have a decent choir from what I've heard.

  • Praise God.

  • Exactly. I noticed that the church has a website, and the Pastor has a blog. He posts his sermons, so I read a couple of them. It sounds like a church I can really connect with. He talks about the importance of prayer in one.

    "We need to keep praying, and never lose that personal connection we have with God because it is what helps us to have faith in difficult circumstances.

    It is why Jesus tells the parable because he knows that his followers are going to face tough times.

    He knows they are going to be persecuted for their faith.

    And Jesus wants them to keep that faith until he comes again.

    Jesus knows that we too will face difficult times.

    We might have a stroke; we might lose our job, our homes, our friends, our loved ones.

    Jesus knows that we will see many injustices in our world.

    Jesus knows that sometimes people will lose their humanity and act with cruelty instead of love.

    Jesus knows that there will be miners trapped, soldiers shot, the poor starved.

    Jesus advice to us in all these times is to keep praying, and to have faith that our just and loving God is listening.

    Have faith and know that God hears our cries and cares deeply about our hurts.

    Let us not lose heart, but have faith in God.

    Let us never cease to pray so that in our wrestling with God we will always know of God’s care and love for us.

    Amen "

  • And remember, praise Him always.

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