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Day 75 - from medicore to amazing

Day 75 - from medicore to amazing

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  • .. if we or each of us had marriage counselors whom we can turn to for "good advice, for prayer support, and for regular accountability check-ups".  It's good to learn His lessons but there are also times to discover the same truths through those who already went through them before - let's use cross the bridges others have built.  I have been asking a really close brother in Christ for for advice for a while now and I also received tremendous support at this forum.  I think my brother and especially Sean who had been walking along side with me in this journey.  Thank you guys!

  • You are more than welcome! I am always here.

    And this day is important in more ways than you know.

    I have recently been talking with someone that has a friend that tried to get her to get someones number. And this girl is currently having problems with her husband. The so called friend told her she needs to do what he does. I told this girl that this is not a friend. A friend has their best interest in mind. Which means you help fight for their marriage even if it is in shambles. When it is finally over then they need to be there for comfort.

    My point was, that she needed to surround herself with people that believe in marriage and love not revenge and an eye for an eye.

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